Highest Quality Misioo Sofa Bed

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Worth knowing

Safe for children

Safe for children

Comfort for your child, beautiful looks for you

Comfort for your child, beautiful looks for you

Entirely made of foam (sides and bottom)

Entirely made of foam (sides and bottom)

Cover is removable for washing

Cover is removable for washing

A handmade sofa bed for your kids will probably be the best purchase you can make. The Misioo sofa bed is visually appealing, durable, safe, and easy to maintain, making it a comfortable place for your children. It is a decent furniture addition to your kid’s room, which will also improve the aesthetics of it. Getting a Misioo sofa bed for your children means that they will enjoy the features which come with the highest quality sofa bed. Parents without small kids, however, can still consider buying the sofa bed in velvet for a friend or colleague as a gift, if he or she has a child. The overall quality of the Misioo sofa bed remains unmatched. The sofa is aesthetically appealing and most comfortable to kids.

The pouf is suitable for children who can sit up unaided, which ideally is those above the age of one year. The sofa bed is also quite safe for your kids because it is devoid of small items which can choke or suffocate, and has no toxic materials that can cause allergies or other health issues. Cleaning the sofa bed is also very easy, and the cover can even be washed in a machine. The quality of the material ensures that it does not deform over time, irrespective of how it is used.



  • unfolded – 170 cm x 124 cm
  • As a seat – 170 cm x 90 cm
  • seat width – 60 cm
  • Fully folded – 85 cm x 124 cm
  • height- 15 cm (unfolded) or 30 cm folded)


A single product can be adapted to the most demanding interiors, and the entire collection can be a style pillar in decorating a children’s room.


The possibility to clean, remove and wash the coverage (30°C).


Complies with strict national and EU standards.

Handmade in Europe



23 months

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