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A classic that never gets boring.

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Use under adult supervision

Use under adult supervision

Timeless toy

Timeless toy

100% natural wood

100% natural wood

The swing is a timeless toy that will never lose its little fans.

Swings are the most common place on playgrounds for a reason. They have been making children of all ages happy for years. However, what if your toddler can’t use them for some reason? What if the weather doesn’t allow you to have fun outside?
In order to meet the expectations of parents who want to make their child a little bit of fun, we have created a solid and safe swing that you can successfully assemble from the comfort of your own home.
We mainly focus on quality in our products. Our swing was made from high quality wood that is resistant to stress. In addition, the seat has been equipped with a soft, comfortable cushion, which is covered with a pleasant Velvet fabric, which gives your child comfort during use. The swing was hung on strong, ropes and additionally secured with strong knots.
Natural wood and beautiful, soft upholstery colors allow the toy to be perfectly composed with the surroundings of a children’s room or living room.


  • Has strong metal eyelets
  • Comfortable and durable fabric
  • Load capacity 70kg
  • Two metal eyelets that are necessary for the assembly are included in the set, you should buy mounting pins, bolts or screws adapted to your destination
  • Product origin – Europe


  • 2m cord length – regulated by the lower knot
  • Cradle – 60cm x 25cm


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24 months

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