Baby floor mat / TAPIS DE JEUX MATTERS

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Baby floor mat

When the child becomes more active and mobile, the most important task of parents is to ensure his physical development – primarily, by providing him with comfortable and safe conditions for playing and practicing new skills. The place which is perfect for that is the floor, but we must prepare it properly. A child who learns to roll over and tummy back, trying to crawl and then crawling must have a suitable substrate. The surface on which we place them must not be too hard or too slippery, and above all it must be clean – so that’s why baby floor mat will be an ideal choice for you and your child.

Why Misioo and OUR PRODUCT?

  • Safety guarantee for your child!
  • Universal application
  • Highest quality components and careful manual work
  • Polish production
  • A simple, clean cover made of pleasant to touch fabric
  • Huge selection of designs and colors!

Baby floor mat / TAPIS DE JEUX MATTERS