Playmat – Round

Playmat Round A Stylish and Eco-friendly Playmat for Kids Activities

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Worth knowing

Safe for children

Safe for children

A safe place to play and learn

A safe place to play and learn

Entirely made  of foam

Entirely made of foam

Cover is removable for washing

Cover is removable for washing

From crawling, walking, to running, a growing child requires the right support for bumps and tumbles. This ultra-soft playmat round is designed to give a safe backdrop for the growth and development of kids. The non-slip surface cushions minor falls as your child learns to play. Available in a broad range of patterns, our children’s playmat is sturdy and durable courtesy of the high-quality materials used. Choose the best round design for your baby’s happiness.

Eco-friendliness and safety are the biggest priorities. So we give you products to build a clean play area for your kiddo. Our playmat round is safe for babies to toddle, crawl, and roll. Full of colors, they are fun and practical, and most importantly, non-toxic. You can choose from a range of very captivating designs. They are sure to engage your baby’s mind and stimulate the development of their motor skills. This playmat for kids is not just good-looking. It is an absolute pleasure to sit and play on. The soft, elastic, non-slip foam can be used anywhere be it indoors or outdoors. Whether used in a kid’s nursery, playroom, or the living room, the superior cushioning of this playmat round creates a safe and fun space for the children. The playmat velvet feel is, no doubt the right choice for keeping your toddler entertained. It offers a sensory experience from infancy and going forward. The velvet cover is easy to maintain while the entire ensemble is perfect for travel.



  • dimensions when opened: 160 cm x 160 cm
  • foam thickness: 5 cm
  • Ddimensions after folding: 80 cm x 80 cm


A single product can be adapted to the most demanding interiors, and the entire collection can be a style pillar when decorating a child’s room


Like children’s imaginations, our mats know no bounds. The product combines style with versatility – it creates space for fun or relaxation and can also be used to protect hard surfaces. We recommend combining the mat with the pouf


The possibility to clean, remove and wash the coverage (30°C).


Meets strict national and EU standards

Handmade in Europe



12 months

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We offer a quick return of the product within 14 days


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