Playmat – Square

Playmat square: A Brilliant Baby Playmat For Growth and Fitness

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Worth knowing

Safe for children

Safe for children

A safe place to play and learn

A safe place to play and learn

Entirely made  of foam

Entirely made of foam

Cover is removable for washing

Cover is removable for washing

A beautiful playmat square is a must-have accessory for playful kids. This clean playmat offers an attractive platform for your little angel. It is not only comfortable but also safe. Handmade in Europe, you can expect the best-built quality. The soft foam playmat features a luxurious velvet cover designed with the same outstanding quality.

Reasons Every Parent Wants the Square Playmat for Kids

Worried about your baby who’s learning to roll? Is your little one always tumbling on the floor? Worry no more because playmat velvet is the perfect landing place for your kid. The cozy foam is good for sitting, watching TV, reading, and playing games. Being foldable, it offers unlimited possibilities. Whether you fold it in a corner or against the wall, your toddler will be safe. Choose your child’s favorite color to see them smile.
This indispensable children’s playmat is not just for playing. The colorful velvet cover encourages your toddler to stay active hence developing their motor skills. The foam has an ideal thickness to prevent potential injury as the kid jumps up and down. Don’t worry about maintenance because the material is easy to clean. Storage is also a breeze since the baby playmat can be folded when not in use. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the strong and elastic material doesn’t wear out easily. Older children will also love this toy.



  • Dimensions when opened: 120 cm x 120 cm
  • Foam thickness: 5 cm
  • Dimensions after folding: 60 cm x 60 cm


A single product can be adapted to the most demanding interiors, and the entire collection can be a style pillar when decorating a child’s room


Like children’s imaginations, our mats know no bounds. The product combines style with versatility – it creates space for fun or relaxation and can also be used to protect hard surfaces. We recommend combining the mat with the pouf


The possibility to clean, remove and wash the coverage (30°C).


Meets strict national and EU standards

Handmade in Europe



12 months

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We offer a quick return of the product within 14 days


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