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Comfortable Children’s Armchairs in Soft Velvet

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Worth knowing

Safe for children

Safe for children

Ergonomic and convenient

Ergonomic and convenient

Entirely made of foam

Entirely made of foam

Cover is removable for washing

Cover is removable for washing

These highest quality children’s armchairs with a velvet touch are not only visually appealing but are handmade in Europe to be safe and durable. With a choice of colors, they are ideal for any child’s bedroom, being a stylish, yet practical addition to the furniture. Your children will be smiling as they settle down to relax, read or simply watch TV.

Soft Velvet Armchairs of the Highest Quality

Knowing that there are no hard frames in this product, and that the strong material will not perforate easily, you can rest assured these gorgeous armchairs will be a welcome gift. Your child will realise instinctively what to do with it, enjoying the simplicity of its design, while you can relax, knowing it is easy to clean in case of mishaps. The cover zips off easily for washing at 30 degrees, and its elasticity means it will not lose its shape and will fit straight back on. You will be pleased to know, it is equally at home when used outdoors, perfect for those warm summer days, with its breathable material. The soft velvet armchairs pass all safety tests and are non-toxic, allergy-free and have no choking hazards. Those with younger children will be pleased to know it can be used from age seven months if the child can sit up by themselves.



  • height: 40 cm
  • width: 53 cm
  • seat width: 39 cm
  • seat height: 15 cm
  • seat depth: 36 cm


Velvet – 100% Poliester


A single product can be adapted to the most demanding interiors, and the entire collection can be a style pillar when decorating a children’s room.


The possibility to clean, remove and wash the coverage (30°C).


Meets strict national and EU standards

Handmade in Europe



12 months

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We offer a quick return of the product within 14 days


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