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Highest Quality Sofa for Kids

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Worth knowing

Safe for your child

Safe for your child

Comfort for your child, beautiful looks for you

Comfort for your child, beautiful looks for you

Made entirely of foam (sides and bottom)

Made entirely of foam (sides and bottom)

Make sure that your kids have a comfy seat and nap spot of their own with the Misioo Sofa Premium. This sofa features impressive art and colors to enhance the beauty of any room. It is handmade in Europe with high-quality material for durability and the safety of your child. Misioo kid’s sofas are a perfect base for snacking, reading, and watching TV.

Create a comfortable place for your little ones with the Misioo Sofa Premium (2 or 3 elements). Misioo sofas come in different colors to visually appeal to your children and update your interior space. The sofa is made of materials of the highest quality. It features soft yet durable frames to outlast the usefulness of most toys. Thanks to the lightweight design, moving the sofa from one room to another is a breeze. This toddler couch comes with a washable slipcover for easy cleaning. The Misioo Sofa Premium is a fun gift idea for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.

• Soft to touch kids sofa
• Perfect idea for a gift
• Safe and durable child’s furniture
• Intended for kids who can sit unassisted
• Strong material doesn’t perforate easily
• For use indoors and outdoors

The Misioo Sofa Premium is made of high-quality material for durability. The sofa is handmade in Poland to suit your child’s needs. Unzip and remove the slipcover for washing. This sofa feels soft and has no sharp edges.

• Quality controlled material
• Removable slipcover for easy washing
• Handmade in Europe
• A range of colors

Product Specification:


  • height – 60 cm
  • width – 132 cm entire sofa, 44 cm single armchair
  • seat depth – 26 cm


The entire collection can be a style pillar when decorating a children’s room.


The premium sofa was developed as an independent element for sitting, playing and relaxing. The best sofa because children deserve the best!


complies with strict national and EU standards.



12 months

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